Prevue has rebranded!

We are really excited as a prevue distributor to see this new phase of growth.  We have been associated with this Assessment and PrevueHR now for several years and this latest update certainly changes the way that this product presents to market.

If you have used prevue before you will notice that things will look a little different on the Hiring Family Reports.  We invite you to visit our website to look!  The look and feel of PrevueOnline and the Hiring Family of reports have been updated to match the new brand, but whilst the functionality will remain the same the report presentation is much improved.  With the upgraded reports comes a much more modern looking format.  The new format does not mean though that the information is any the less valid.  Prevue pride themselves on the validity of these assessments.  As the new assessments are developed they go through a rigorous development process and the Prevue researchers are continuously updating the norms.

In fact, with Prevue we expect and deliver results that will predict an individual’s future behaviours.   Companies and coaches use the Prevue assessment worldwide in pursuit of delivering excellence in the coaching process as a pre-employment – job fit measure, succession planning along with its value as a multi candidate/multi role assessment.

Are we excited to be involved with Prevue and this multi-functional tool?  You bet we are and if you work in recruitment, talent management or the coaching arena please contact us to find out how you can use this tool in your business.