How to Run a Successful Coaching and Training Business: tips from a successful team.

Today we kick off a series of Q&A style blogs featuring suppliers, customers and distributors who work with our brand, Asses to Succeed. In this article, we speak to husband-and-wife team Michelle and Peter Anderson of Change Revolution Group. In the business for more than twenty years, they know a thing or two about what it takes to run a successful, sustainable coaching and training business.

Can you describe your coaching & training business?

With over twenty years in the people development industry, Change Revolution Group has established a reputation for developing the potential of people at all levels across a wide range of industries, achieving sustainable, measurable change with an ROE (Return on Effort) aligned to business outcomes. The soft skill development process that leads to hard tangible outcomes underpins all tailored and flexible solutions for our clients. This is evidenced by the job application and results. The programs can be designed exclusively for each business and individuals with a cost-effective investment.

What do you love about the business?

Achieving results personally and professionally for participants that will help them take control of the outcomes they are looking for.

What are some of the challenges you face working as a husband and wife team?

As a husband and wife team we have worked together since 1988 in a variety of business ventures from retail to wholesale and importing, franchising, consulting and people development. There have been very few challenges personally, although at different times –like all businesses – there have been some challenges achieving the outcomes we were looking for.

The advantages of working as a husband and wife team is the level of understanding we have and the ability to complement and work off each other. This provides another level of delivery outcomes for the client.

How do you keep the momentum going – ie. How do you keep generating new leads?

There has been a significant shift in how business connects with prospective clients and clients in recent years. One of these is Social Media, namely Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This will be our primary marketing approach. We have developed a breakfast seminar on “Business Excellence: the top six things business will need to focus on over the next decade”, scheduled for early June 2017.

We are working on the integration of these social media channels to our website along with the direct approach of asking for referrals, which is our most successful option at this point.

Do you use psychometric products as part of the coaching and training you offer?

We have integrated assessments into the delivery model as an upfront element to establish development gaps and focus on establishing a development plan for each individual. This provides a very personalised approach that will align individual development solutions to department and business outcomes. A-one-on-one debrief is completed to set this up. We can also provide assessments as standalone options that create the opportunity to build relationships.

Which assessments do you use and why?

Currently we are using DiscFlex and Prevue. These are very versatile assessment tools that provide great results.

Why these products rather than other assessments that are available?

Both Prevue and DiscFlex are very user friendly with multiple options. This fits well with our development options and provides valuable information to the client for recruitment, succession planning, coaching and development.

How do these products help give you better results or add value to your clients?

Primarily as a before and after comparison to demonstrate measurable outcomes.

How do they help build your credibility as a trainer/coach, and does this lead to repeat business and/or referrals?

Yes on both counts. Through the debriefing session, the participant and client gains a greater understanding of what can change and potential outcomes.

Are the products expensive?

No, they are very price competitive with high value for money.

What support do you receive from your supplier, Assess to Succeed?

We’ve found the team at Assess to Succeed to be very supportive, quick to respond and proactive to market needs.

If you'd like to find out more about how assessment products can help build your credibility as a coach or trainer, contact Assess to Succeed today for a confidential discussion.