Canadian Auto Industry Implements Tools to Help Address Skill Shortages Gaps

We're very happy to be teamed up with the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association and the Canadian Association of Mold Makers to help them become great at hiring. They explain it better than I ever could in their press release:

APMA is pleased to welcome The Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) to their highly successful Auto HR program.  The APMA Auto HR System, launched in March 2013 provides members with efficient job posting capabilities to multiple job boards, an applicant processing system and psychometric testing of candidates.  With the addition of CAMM, the Auto HR System continues to evolve as the industry standard for automotive employers and employees focused on the global auto industry.

These tools not only significantly increase a company’s reach while advertising job openings, they also become an essential weapon allowing the APMA and CAMM to address critical skill shortages. This is achieved by creating and enabling a wider global scope, enhancing the job fit analysis, and decreasing time to hire, all while increasing HR productivity.

Steve Rodgers, President of the APMA noted that “One of the key, limiting factors to achieving growth is the availability of highly qualified personnel. The new Auto HR system has helped companies find the right people, at the right time in an efficient, productive manner. We aimed it originally at our small to mid-size members but we have been positively encouraged that even our larger members have found significant benefits over their existing systems.”

The Auto HR Job Board has seen 150 job postings, with an anticipated 500 more to come by the fall.  Many Canadian auto supplier companies have realized significant benefits including cutting hiring times in half, increasing the quality of candidates applying and significantly reducing administrative costs of their own HR Systems, saving them thousands of dollars.  When combined with larger inflows of candidates, efficient candidate processing and job fit testing, auto suppliers are seeing immediate improvements in their HR systems, improvements that literally can be realized in a week or less.

"We immediately saw how these hiring tools could benefit our members by streamlining the way resumes are processed and making hiring quicker and more effective” stated Diane Deslippe, CAMM’s Executive Director.  “At CAMM, we are always striving to address our members most pressing issues and we believe that the Job Board and the Tools provided by Prevue HR, goes a long way towards making a company that much more competitive.”

The APMA/CAMM Auto HR System is based on comprehensive hiring tools introduced by The Achievement Center and developed by Prevue HR  The Prevue based Auto HR System includes full psychometric assessment capability to ensure best job fit and automates the entire job posting process, providing a comprehensive solution in a single location.  Postings reach across the entire NAFTA region and around the globe in automotive centric regions.  Most importantly, the system simplifies many tasks for HR departments such as providing a formal response at the touch of a button to candidates who do not meet specific company requirements providing a much more professional overall handling of job filling.  More information on this powerful tool is available at .

For further information, please contact:

Steve Rodgers, President, APMA - 416-697-4457
Diane Deslippe, Executive Director, CAMM - 519 255 7863
Kyle Thomas, Business Development Manager, Prevue HR - 416-806-8545 or 1-888-277-3883.


About APMA

APMA is Canada's national association representing OEM producers of parts, equipment, tools, supplies and services for the worldwide automotive industry.

The Association was founded in 1952 and its members account for ninety percent, directly or indirectly of independent parts production in Canada.  In 2012, automotive parts shipments were over $22 Billion and the industry employment level was over 80,000 people.

APMA's fundamental objective is to promote the O.E. automotive supply manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally. The Association provides important representation to both Federal and Provincial Governments, supports regional government initiatives and creates and executes global marketing initiatives in order to develop trade and business opportunities for the membership. Visit .

About CAMM

The Canadian Association of Moldmakers is an organization dedicated to the Canadian Moldmaking, Tool & Die, Machining and Die Casting & Processors Industry, along with the Service & Supply Companies that Service our Industry.  It is through the strength of our members and government connections that we are able to promote our industry globally.

With our head office in Windsor, Ontario, and a Toronto Chapter along with affiliation with FEPCA in Quebec, we are able to have a stronger voice in numbers to assist us in dedicating our association to industry excellence.  In order to have a united representation and voice for the local area mold makers, the Association was originally established in 1981 under the designation of Windsor Association of Moldmakers. Due to increased membership interest, in 1992, we became the Canadian Association of Moldmakers Inc. and now encompass a vast array of members from mold makers, designers, manufacturers, supplier and service companies across Canada and Michigan.  Visit .

About Prevue HR

Prevue HR Systems Inc. is focused on their clients’ Hiring success and makes every effort to understand their clients’ business and HR environment. This commitment is confirmed by the firm’s willingness to engage in extensive and detailed job analysis and internal validity studies in order to assure the success of their clients’ hiring campaigns and employee development programs.  Since 1996, Prevue HR Systems has helped companies become great at hiring.

Prevue HR Systems clients span six continents and include companies of all sizes from small business through to Fortune 500 global organizations.  Visit

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Published and copied from Blog Releases by Nathanial Barr (Wednesday 14 August)