Advertising your job posting online - Best Practice

I am often asked about best practice strategy for advertising your job postings online using the Prevue Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and it’s not necessarily as black and white as one may think.

With thousands of free and paid online job boards across the globe, and social media marketing making the passive job pool more accessible than ever before, technology like the ATS Pro has allowed employers to extend their reach to prospective candidates.

When using the ATS Pro, there are some key things users should look out for when advertising your jobs:

Cross-Posting of the Job Listings

Since our system is affiliated with many of the most notable job boards and aggregators, it will generate candidate traffic automatically. We are in a proprietary agreement with Indeed, so all listings on the system will auto-push unless otherwise specified by the client, while other job boards need to be ‘pushed’ manually from the Jobs Dashboard. It typically takes less than a day for the listing to appear after saving your selection.

Expected Response To Advertising

Candidate traffic with free automated job boards (Indeed, Simply Hired, WowJobs, Trovit, Craigslist, among others) will vary; depending on the listing. Some positions will drive over 300 candidates in less than a week (like a Customer Service Rep position), while others may get a dozen over the course of the month (Executive-level positions). But there are several variables that play into such results:

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