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Recruit & retainthe right people for the right roles

Identify skills gapsfor targeted training

Deliverquality learning solutions

Succession planning:laying the groundwork

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About Us

About Us
HR solutions that are effective, flexible and affordable.

Applicant Tracking

 Applicant Tracking
Good Talent is hard to find.

Applicant Tracking provides an easy to use system supporting job postings and data collection.


Build consistent Job Descriptions in no time at all!


Tools for determining the profile of ideal candidates


An inventory of over 500 knowledge and situational tests applicable provide a better idea of a candidate's hard skills.


E-learning tools and solutions for companies of all sizes

A few words about us

Change Revolution Group

Our mission is to provide relevant and tailored solutions to organisations and individuals to assist them in managing their strategic action plan with and through all stakeholders.
The solutions provided need to be relevant and meaningful and by teaming with Assess to Succeed we can offer access to a range of assessment tools for both recruitment and staff development along with an e-learning suite of programs and facilitation services for team meetings and conferences.
By using a combination of eLearning and on the job experience, many organisations are finding that Blended Learning is highly effective as a means of aligning and developing employees in a very cost-effective manner. Participants (managers, leaders and employees) can study the programs in the learning format that they are most comfortable with (“My Way”), at the venue of their choice (“My Place”), and at the speed that matches their individual learning skills (“My Pace”).
This is consistent with the Apposite philosophy of being relevant, pertinent and meaningful.

With over 20 years in the “People Development” industry Change Revolution Group as the experience, knowledge and delivery methodology to achieve measurable results with real workplace application.

The “5 STEP” delivery process is designed to provide individual changes that lead to changes in the business.

Developing the potential of people is at the center of this process and is aligned to improved business performance.

The “5 STEP” Process:

  1. Assessment – understand the current levels of performance
  2. Provide a “GAP” analysis to determine future performance levels of people and business
  3. Tailor “Change Programs” that will provide a pathway to predetermined outcomes
  4. Deliver “On the Job” application.
  5. Measure outcomes for long term change.

 We have now partnered with Assess To Succeed, a global organization providing some of the World’s Best Practice Assessment tools.  These tools provide a clear and concise gap resolution and solution.  We can also help with your recruiting needs.